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BBJ Discontinues Weekly Meetings

 Businesspersons Between Jobs (BBJ) is announcing that, effective immediately,  it is discontinuing its traditional weekly (Monday AM) meetings.  This includes both the onsite meetings at  St. Mark Presbyterian Church as well as the ZOOM-based online meetings. 

BBJ will continue to maintain its website as a source of past presentations and articles relevant to the job search that job-seekers can review or download.

Moreover,  job seekers are encouraged to contact BBJ personnel through the website to seek job search advice on resume content, interviewing skills, and networking strategies.

Over its 49 year history, BBJ has worked to serve the local community by assisting job seekers in developing their unique professional skills and to effectively communicate those abilities to prospective employers.

However, attendance at the weekly (Monday AM) meeting has steadily declined in recent years. The growth of digital communication has changed the way employers recruit and the way job seekers approach the job market.

BBJ would like to express its appreciation to its members and staff for their loyalty and participation, and to the many professional speakers who have generously donated their time and talents over the years.

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Who We Are

BBJ assists unemployed and underemployed people at different stages of their careers.  We offer online tools and resources designed to assist you while facing the challenges of job loss or a career transition.

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What We Offer

  • A comfortable and welcome environment
  • The opportunity to network with other job seekers
  • Access to online tools and education to shorten the time it takes to locate a new job
  • Helpful professional development services

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LinkedIn is a highly visible digital resume site where judgements about you are made.  Everyone uses LinkedIn and assesses the strength or weakness of a profile.  It’s critical you look good for your friends, family, your support team, people you network with, recruiters, placement firms, or hiring managers! 

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