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Join us at our BBJ Meeting on Monday, August 29, 2016.

What happens as we age? It seems that disappointments knock us down for longer periods.

Bouncing back is important for health and happiness, especially in times of ever increasing demands, never ending stress and rapid change.

 Resilience is the strength to cope with problems and the ability to adapt in the face of tragedy and chaos. Psychologists learned about resilience from people who survived crises.

The fact is, we are all resilient.  Maybe it’s faded by life and stress, but it’s there.

Bob Kalal

Our next BBJ speaker – Bob Kalal of Kalal Training – will provide some very useful tips on re-discovering our resiliency through finding your purpose in life, understanding what you are passionate about, while taking pleasure in small joys.

Join us on Monday, August 29th to together discuss the skills that can enhance your spirit, and re-establish your personal resiliency.

Our meeting will be held at our usual venue – St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Ballwin, MO.

We look forward to seeing you there!

 For further speakers/topics, see Upcoming Meeting Topics for details.



BBJ:  Who We Are

Businesspersons Between Jobs, known as BBJ, is a non-denominational job search support group assisting unemployed and underemployed people at different stages of their career.  We have been proudly serving the St. Louis community for over 40 years.

What makes us unique?  Members of the BBJ community, including our staff, have experienced unemployment and the challenge of job loss.  As a result, we have developed a dedicated community focused on getting you back to work quickly.  We welcome all job seekers to join us in this mission.

What Can I Expect at BBJ?

  • A safe, comfortable and welcome environment
  • The opportunity to network with other job seekers
  • Access to new ideas, different approaches and helpful ideas
  • A variety of professional development services
  • A staff that is committed to serving you!

Getting Started
To become a member of our community and learn more we suggest that you attend one of our Monday Morning Meetings.  Visit our Upcoming Meeting Topics to check the time and location of our next meeting.

At BBJ you can gain new insights and ideas from an array of guest speakers, participate in interactive career development exercises, refine your networking skills, meet with our board members and volunteers, and get a better knowledge of what we offer.

Membership at BBJ is free.

We Are Here To Serve You
Service is the centerpiece of our culture.  We are here to guide you down new career roads!  Our organization has been helping hundreds of job searchers and career builders over the 40-years lifespan of our organization.

We are here for you today, will be here for you tomorrow and should you need us again, we’ll be here for you in the future.