Business Persons Between Jobs is pleased to announce that our traditional weekly Monday morning meetings will be resuming on Monday, March 30, at 9:00AM CST.

HOWEVER, considering the need for compliance with mandatory ‘stay at home’ directives necessary to contain the coronavirus threat, future BBJ meetings will be convened online via ZOOM-based software.

We are happy to implement ZOOM to continue with our primary mission – to assist in developing your unique skills and abilities to meet the challenges of the job search.  Whether you need to freshen up your employment resume, practice your interviewing skills, or learn more about networking techniques, we are here to offer our services.
The ZOOM program and technology, which can be accessed on a desktop computer, iPhone, or iPad is relatively user-friendly and straightforward.

Directions to access Zoom and BBJ meeting

  1. Click on the following link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8513760084


  1. Zoom software will be automatically installed
  2. Enter Meeting I.D. # 8513760084 and join the meeting
If you have difficulty accessing the meeting, email either jackmart1222@gmail.com or mikejmccarty@aol.com.

 We welcome you to join us on Monday, March 30, at 9:00AM CST. Mike McCarty, Executive Director of BBJ, will discuss Personal Branding.

 To learn more about BBJ, please contact us at bbj.org.

We look forward to seeing you!

Jack Martin, Board President


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Many thanks for Bernie Frazier, founder of CareerCompass, for submitting this excellent article!

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Reinventing You

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BBJ:  Who We Are

Businesspersons Between Jobs, known as BBJ, is a non-denominational job search support group assisting unemployed and underemployed people at different stages of their career.  We have been proudly serving the St. Louis community for over 40 years.

What makes us unique?  Members of the BBJ community, including our staff, have experienced unemployment and the challenge of job loss.  As a result, we have developed a dedicated community focused on getting you back to work quickly.  We welcome all job seekers to join us in this mission.

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What Can I Expect at BBJ?

  • A safe, comfortable and welcome environment
  • The opportunity to network with other job seekers
  • Access to new ideas, different approaches and helpful ideas
  • A variety of professional development services
  • A staff that is committed to serving you!  

Getting Started  

Getting Started

To become a member of our community and learn more we suggest that you attend one of our Monday Morning Meetings.

Visit our Upcoming Meeting Topics to check the time and location of our next meeting.

  • Gain new insights and ideas from an array of guest speakers,
  • Participate in interactive career development exercises
  • Refine your networking skills
  • Meet with our board members and volunteers
  • Get a better knowledge of what we offer
  • Membership is free

We Are Here To Serve You

Service is the centerpiece of our culture.  We are here to guide you down new career roads!  Our organization has been helping hundreds of job searchers and career builders over the 40-years lifespan of our organization.

We are here for you today, will be here for you tomorrow and should you need us again, we’ll be here for you in the future.