Counseling Support

Counseling Support

Helping You Through The Process of Transition
The loss of employment is a critical life event.  The leaders of BBJ have experienced job loss at some point in our lives too.  As a result, we know the impact it has on many areas of your daily life.  With a job loss comes challenges including financial security, maintaining self-esteem, losing self-identity, juggling your family and your search, sharing your situation with those you love and day-to-day uncertainty.  What lies ahead?  What does the road ahead look like?


You Are Not Alone
You are never alone in your journey.  BBJ is available for personal, career or financial counseling and legal advice at no cost during your time of need.   All consultations are conducted in a professional setting and are private and confidential.  Please speak directly with a BBJ Board Member at one of our Monday Meetings to learn more or complete our Contact Form and a team member will be in touch with you.

Financial Counselor
Vic McCool
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My main focus is to create retirement plans that cannot be outlived and to make sure that life-changing events such as a job loss does not destroy your end plan.  I look forward to the opportunity to help any BBJ member avoid many of the financial mistakes I have witnessed over my career while navigating a period of job transition.