Information Sources

information sources

Information Sources

Need a few websites to assist you with your job search?  We can help!  These information sources are a starting point, and in addition, are designed for you.  Locate market, industry, company, and individual corporate information.  You’ll find valuable research tools to help you in your job search.

However, don’t rely just on these options.  In addition, you should be actively browsing the Internet and seeking all available information sources.

  St Louis County Library

St. Louis County Library

Career One Stop

What else can I do?

You should complement your job search with a variety of resources. There are many excellent websites that can provide you up-to-date ideas and insights, especially when market conditions are difficult and a lot of people are out of work.

The value of networking

Another key thing to consider. Networking is a people-oriented task of human-to-human interactions. Using LinkedIn is an extremely valuable starting point. In other words, if you are not on LinkedIn, you’re missing out. Therefore, make sure that your LinkedIn presence is strong and actively showcases your capabilities, accomplishments, and contributions. Creating that competitive separation from other candidates on LinkedIn is a critical exercise to speed up the time it takes to secure new employment.