Resource Ideas – Let’s Get Started
Below are handpicked, popular St. Louis career websites to help you look for local job opportunities.  Each site offers a variety of employment opportunities, resources and self-help guides.

St. Louis Jobs

  • Locate current, open positions in the Greater St. Louis area
  • Find specific opportunities in your area of expertise
  • Also available are resume assistance, interviewing tips and onsite workshops
  • St. Louis Jobs website

St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE)

  • SLATE is St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment
  • Updated monthly with the most current events
  • Coaching and development programs are available
  • SLATE June 2016 Calendar

Hire St. Louis

  • Hire St. Louis is an employment agency that bridges relationships between job seekers and employers
  • Hire St. Louis website

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Careers

  • In conjunction with Monster, this site updates local positions daily
  • Resources include effective resume and cover letters, interviewing, salary negotiation, employment benefits, and career advice
  • Post Dispatch Careers Site

St. Louis Best Jobs

  • Register, create your personal profile, upload your resume and begin your search
  • View the updated job opportunities page featuring a variety of companies across St. Louis
  • St. Louis Best Jobs

Catholic Employment Network

  • Offering spiritual and practical job search support services
  • Job search workshops that address networking, interviewing, and resume writing
  • Onsite workshops are held are parishes in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County
  • Catholic Employment Network