Resume Development

Resume Development

Getting Started
Your professional Resume is a key part of your search success.  It’s more than a piece of paper.  It’s your work history, organized in chronological (or functional) order highlighting your skill sets, accomplishments, and successes.

It is important to always remember that a resume is not an end in itself, but rather a means to gain an interview.

The Hallmarks of a Good Resume

  • Create a well constructed and accurate account of your professional experience and expertise.
  • Focus on accomplishments and results (numbers can add proof), not just job duties
  • Utilize proper spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation
  • Include the right keywords for search engines and job boards matched to the specific position
  • Stimulate, through content and format, an interest on the part of the reader to secure an interview

Our Services
BBJ has experienced resume professionals available to review and suggest changes.  They will review your resume following these simple steps:

  • Bring three copies of your resume and drop by the resume table located outside the Monday Meeting room
  • Plan to spend a few minutes to discuss your resume goals and objectives

They will need one week to review your resume, depending on the amount of edits and changes.

The following are several articles that will get you started on developing an effective and winning resume.