BBJ Member Testimonials

We love testimonials!  We are anxious to hear from current and past members about their experience.  Above all, we would like you to send us an overview of how BBJ benefited you or helped you secure a job.  In conclusion, we highly value your opinion.


“With the onset of COVID, I was freaking out.  However, my wife had heard about BBJ through her church.  I joined one of their Zoom meetings, heard from a guest speaker, and met some recently unemployed people.  In addition, this is a great St. Louis area, support group.”

Louie S. | Florissant, MO

The pandemic has wiped out so many jobs.  God Bless BBJ.  However, they want to help people.”

Kate | Arnold, MO

My boss came into my office and told me that my position had been eliminated.  I did a Google search and found this support group.  Meanwhile, the first meeting I attended was fantastic.  even though it was through Zoom, it was very well organized and helped me a lot with my search.

Juston | Creve Coeur, MO

“I was unemployed for 2 weeks and I found BBJ.  They were awesome.  The price to join is FREE and they have really good people on their staff who have helped me.  Mike Hoffey, in particular, a board member, was really good and helping me not to make the big mistakes.”

Mark, BBJ Member 2020

“I found the resources at BBJ to be extremely helpful.  As a result, they helped me fix my resume which was causing a lot of frustration.  And the service was free.  I’m so grateful for their expertise.  The people at BBJ are very professional and they know what it is like to go through the job search process.  In addition, I would highly encourage anyone to join as a member.”

Frank, Unemployed Business Professional – 2020


“I really enjoy attending the Monday Meeting to listen to the guest speakers.  They find very helpful people who know what we need.  After that, they usually have a different person each week.  I loved what I experienced.  It worked for me.  One time we just did some round table work preparing ourselves for interviews and practicing our elevator speech which was also very helpful.”

BBJ Former Member – 2019


“A friend told me about BBJ.  And, I was nervous at first.  Your people are solid.  Once I got there they made me feel at home.  Everyone in the room is in the same position as I was so that made it a lot easier.  There is always a Board Member present and I struck up a great discussion after the meeting with one of them.”

BBJ Former Member – 2018


“You guys rock!  Although the meetings are helpful in a church, BBJ is non-denominational.  They really had some great ideas to help me jump start my week.  In other words, I like the fact the meetings are held each Monday morning.  Perfect!  Above all, based on what I learned, it helped me find a job!”

BBJ Former Member – 2017

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